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Additional Info

Your Full Name : Luke Moorehead II

Your email address :

Telephone (optional) : (614) 377-5368

Cover Letter/Introduction : I would like to work as an on-air talent. I have previous experience hosting the live show “Chips and Pop” on 101.1 The Beat in Mt. Pleasant, as well as running the board for that show. I have also operated audio boards for live sporting and entertainment shows as part of working at University Events at C.M.U. I spent a brief amount of time as a member of the Production Squad for 101.1 The Beat and 91.5 The Mountain (university radio stations) where I used Adobe Audition. I like to pride myself on showing up on time and being reliable in my place of work. Anything else would be a disservice to not only my employer but would also hinder my ability to pursue future opportunities.

It would be appreciated if I were to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Luke Moorehead II

Resume File : Resume.docx

URLs for Personal Website, Video/Audio Links, etc :

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